Yurok Tribe Sustainable Forest Project

The Yurok tribe has conserved over 21,000 acres of coast redwood and douglas-fir forest in Northern California using carbon finance. This project ensures that traditional livelihoods and lifestyles can continue, as well as conservation of this unique California ecotype.

New Leaf Africa

ecoPartners is working with New Leaf Africa to protect Guinea's forests and mangroves. New Leaf Africa will use value from carbon credits to deliver health, education, and agricultural intensification projects to local communities.


ecoPartners has teamed up with Chemonics and USAID's BIOREDD+ program to develop CCBA and VCS compliant projects in coastal Colombian communities. The community-involved forest conservation efforts aim to mitigate poverty in providing socially and economically sustainable growth options for Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities that reside in this diverse ecological hotspot.

Mai Ndombe REDD+

ecoPartners contributed to Wildlife Works/ERA's project in the DRC that covers 299,645 ha of terra firma, swamp forest, savanna and inundated grassland. It will fund capacity-building workshops and provide livelihoods for local peoples as well as save thousands of hectares from degradation and deforestation.

Isangi REDD+ Project

ecoPartners has teamed up with Jadora to develop a CCBA and VCS compliant REDD+ project in several communities located in the Orientale Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project aims to alleviate poverty by providing sustainable growth options for Congolese communities while mitigating the effects of climate change.

Wetlands creation
and restoration

ecoPartners is the lead author on the recently approved VCS Methodology for Wetlands Creation, VM0024. We also are involved in several projects to protect wetlands worldwide.

VCS Grasslands Methodology

ecoPartners and Wildlife Works have revised the Methodology for Avoided Deforestation to include accounting methods for planned, mosaic and frontier scenarios as well as for non-forest grassland ecosystems. VM0009 is the most effective REDD methodology under the VCS Standard, accounting for over 6 million tonnes of verified reductions on 460,000 hectares and representing half of all verified REDD+ projects.

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